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The secret of this miraculous fish, the DANUBE SHAD (ALOSA PONTICA), is due to its metabolism changing right from the moment of migrating to the Danube River (from the salted water to the sweet water) for reproducing, as long as its returning to the Black Sea. This is the right moment of harvesting and processing, according to a license registered to O.S.I.M. under the number by the company OLEOMET-sa SRL Bucharest.

Colesterol-stop - a miraculuos, natural product

It has been observed that the same metabolism converting process is happening in the human body by consuming, exclusively, this diet-product for a certain diet period, the results being, according to the tests on patients, incredible, even amazing.
For the Report issued by the Institute for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases „Prof. Dr.N.Paulescu”, from Bucharest – Romania, under the direct coordination of Prof. Dr. C. Ionescu Targoviste, who was executing the test, the subjects have been chosen according to various diseases, especially over-weight and Diabetes type B.
After a 20 days diet period, the following results have been registered:
- the plasmatic cholesterol LDL is dropping by an average of 17,02%;
- the plasmatic triglyceride is dropping by an average of 48,17%;
- the plasmatic glicemia is dropping by an average of 17,45%;
- the good cholesterol , known as hart cholesterol – HDL – is increasing almost 2 times, by an average of 97,5%;
- the body weight is dropping by an average of 13%.
- no modifications of the uric acid have been noticed.
This special product, named as CHOLESTEROL-STOP, is presenting major advantages to the medicine consumption, such as:
* - representing the ideal alimentation product for the over-weight patients, suffering of hyperlipidemia, obesity, coronary and periphery atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes, being also remarkable by its excellent taste qualities.
* - this product is complex, well balanced, with no side effects whatsoever, consisting exclusively and entirely in natural biocompatible resources which, after being processed, are keeping the same composition of lipids and of the other nutritional aspects.
* - the hart functions are improving, thus avoiding the miocardic hardattack and the blood accidents.
* - insuring the entire protein request , fats and mineral substances requested by the body.
* - additionally fruits and vegetables consumption is necessary to assure the vitamins body request.
* - the DANUBE SHAD (ALOSA PONTICA) is the fish having the highest fat content, for its size, but the fat is consisting in poly-unsaturated fatty acids; adjusted by a mixture of natural oils obtained by cold pressing only is making a 20 days diet period ideal for cleaning the blood vessels almost entirely from the daily food fats deposits. A reverse phenomenon is happening: instead of depositing the fats on the blood vessels, these fats are getting washed away.

Real and miraculuos results

One can is weighing 200 grams, consisting in 832 calories. It is recommended that one or two canes to be consumed per day.
As per the test made by the Institute for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, one cane is to be consumed per day, half in the morning, and half in the after-noon. An empty stomach effect will be notice, waiting to get hungry very soon, but this will not happened, as the fat of the shad, consisting only in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, is creating a sensation of saturation.
It can be served as it is in the can and the oil can be used for preparing the vegetable salads, or, it can be mixed and blended in its oil and served on 1-2 slices of toasted bread. Its taste qualities are special.
Supplement your diet with fruits and vegetable salads, to assure your body the necessary vitamin request.
Do not wait to get hungry, strictly obey the table schedule.

An incredible example has been notified by the people using this diet. An over-weight gentleman has started the diet when he was weighing 168 Kg. After 3 months, when he came to get additional cans, he was looking completely changed, weighing 102 Kg, having no wrinkle, feeling happy and in perfect shape !


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